Big Money

Big Money

Get your own equity! First, play rock-paper-scissors to decide which goes first, then increase your cash jackpot by collecting the best cards, make sure you have more money than your opponent. Just tap the card to use it! Don't forget about the red cards: with their help you can reduce the opponent's jackpot, but your opponent can do the same, so be careful.

Ancient Ore Ancient Ore Play Ancient Ore
Fish Joy Fish Joy Play Fish Joy
Epic Snowman Epic Snowman Play Epic Snowman
Golden Miner Golden Miner Play Golden Miner
Sprint Club Sprint Club Play Sprint Club
Untie the rope Untie the rope Play Untie the rope
Street Basketball Street Basketball Play Street Basketball
One Stroke One Stroke Play One Stroke
Bakery Shop Bakery Shop Play Bakery Shop
Lucky Looter Lucky Looter Play Lucky Looter
Sky Ball Racing Sky Ball Racing Play Sky Ball Racing
Nail Master Nail Master Play Nail Master
Zombie Highway Zombie Highway Play Zombie Highway
Zombie Huntress Zombie Huntress Play Zombie Huntress
Crowd Battle Gun Rush Crowd Battle Gun Rush Play Crowd Battle Gun Rush
Pocket Car Master Pocket Car Master Play Pocket Car Master
Vehicle Master Race Vehicle Master Race Play Vehicle Master Race
Coffee Diy Coffee Diy Play Coffee Diy
Thrill Rush Theme Park Thrill Rush Theme Park Play Thrill Rush Theme Park
Glass Puzzle Glass Puzzle Play Glass Puzzle