Muscle Man Rush

Muscle Man Rush

Muscle Man Rush is a thrilling running game inspired by boxing. It dares players to prove their heroic potential by overcoming countless challenges along the way. Use your powerful fists to level up and conquer formidable enemies, including the final boss, ultimately proving your dominance. Can you emerge victorious as the toughest and most unyielding player, surpassing your rivals?
Card Card Play Card
Drag n Boom Online Drag n Boom Online Play Drag n Boom Online
Golden Miner Golden Miner Play Golden Miner
Pilot Training Pilot Training Play Pilot Training
Slime Rush TD Slime Rush TD Play Slime Rush TD
Ink Inc Tattoo Ink Inc Tattoo Play Ink Inc Tattoo
Rescue Master Rescue Master Play Rescue Master
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Merge Radish Knife Race Merge Radish Knife Race Play Merge Radish Knife Race
Fight For Food Fight For Food Play Fight For Food
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